nengi.js Manual

The primary goal of nengi is to offer high network performance within across a variety of game types. A secondary goal is to make developing these games faster. As a result nengi is much more about power and flexibility than it is about ease of use. Hopefully this manual helps bridge the gap...


Core API

Updated for v0.3.3

Video Tutorials (old!, sorry)

These videos were made for older versions of nengi. Conceptually they are still valid, but some of the api has changed.

  1. Barebones template - setting up nengi ~3m, downloading nengi and connecting the server + client
  2. Barebones template - tour ~5m
  3. 2D Shooter demo - tour ~32m, walkthrough of the game's code
  4. bot attack ~25m, demonstration of using nengi.Bot to stress test a game. Discussion of how to determine max player counts, isolate choke points, differentiate server lag from client lag, and estimate bandwidth usage. Towards the end I push the 2D Shooter demo to its breaking point and discuss potential improvements.