Here are some of the games and other software by timetocode LLC. Most of these are commercial projects or were R&D for one of the more recent projects. The blog has a more detailed history for most.

Active Development

A massively multiplayer shark battle in your browser.


A networking layer for JavaScript games. Compresses game state to binary over websockets and follows an authoritative server model. Misc. support for entity interpolation, prediction, and lag compensation. Nengi is not ideal for every game, but for certain games nengi can help reach high player counts (50-400+). Note: nengi is not open source and its license release will ask for a royalty (though it is going to be free below a certain amount of game revenue).

'mmo jigsaw puzzle project'

Combines nengi's networking abilities with puzzles to hopefully serve up real time multiplayer puzzling with the chaotic twist of having 100+ players (early development).

'mining game prototype'

The game is a race to collect to gold in a dangerous cavern.

'battle royale 2d shooter w/ destructible terrain'

Older projects & games

'space game' (2014 - 2015)

An early ancestor to both and a real catalyst for nengi.

Volcanic island procedural terrain generator (2014)

A culmination of a few other terrain generation projects. A derivative of this code went on to make the nebula effects in the space game as well as the coral reef backgrounds of

'action mmo rpg prototype' (some 2012, mostly 2013-2014)

I released a playable (but not great) version in 2013 on this website that showcased the lumberjack ai, but it needed reset every time they ran out of trees :D. This project had a lot of R & D for everything made since. Nengi began inside of this project, as did most of my love for JavaScript.

Here's a little demo that just shows the ai without loading up the rest of the game: lumberjack ai builds some houses.

unfinished match 3 mobile game lua (2013)

A random little forray into mobile development (lua, Corona SDK), before committing to JavaScript + HTML5. Youtube of gameplay

Misc procedural generation projects (2012)

There are quite a few of these in the blog. Some of these were made either by generating data to be consumed by blender. A few were made in a playable engine called XuProto (a C# voxel engine prototype, no longer exits).

Pix-ElateD Tower Defense (2012)

A tower defense game made in flixel (AS3). Released in 2012 with a few levels (no longer available). One of my earliest commercial game development attempts.

Loam (2012)

A lock-step real time strategy game about mining (C#). This had a top down view and the ability to select units and give them commands. It was also multiplayer, somehow. There's a lot on this project in the blog.